Dr. Joseph D. Denis - BS; OMD; Dipl. acu (NCCAOM); ND.
VITAL CELLULAR SKIN CARE " ACNE": For the control of symptoms associated with acne. All natural - an effective solution for acne. - Reduces hormonal action on the glands which trigger excess sebum production. Reduces sebum oxidation and inflammation in the pores of the face, upper chest and back. - Controls bacterial infection with safe, all natural ingredients. - Rapidly absorbed with no residue. Soothing, and lightly moisturizing. - Reduces scarring caused by inflammation.                                                                                                           Your results: - Sebum production becomes normal- Cycles of breakouts diminish in frequency and intensity. - Redness goes away. - Pores tighten.-  Your skin is soothed and feels clean.- There is less risk of scarring. - Your acne anxiety is eased.                                                              Active ingredients: - Tea tree oil - Grape Seed extract - Vitamin c - MSN - Rose Hip Oil - Pumkin Seed Oil - Vitamin E - Viola tricolor - Arnica montana - Seranoa serulata - Aloe vera gel - Rosemary Oil Extract - Also contains Water - Xanthan gum - Biovert.