Dr. Joseph D. Denis - BS; OMD; Dipl. acu (NCCAOM); ND.
VITAL CELLULAR SKIN CARE" DAILY" For daily care of dry, cracked, rough, or chafed skin and discomfort associated with contact  dermatitis.  All natural daily - an effective solution for dry, cracked skin. - Stabilizes the outer layers of your skin, reducing water loss. - Improves the protective function of your skin. - Reduces the risk of infection with cracked skin. - Reduces trauma to the underlying living layers of your skin caused by dehydration and exposure to sun, wind, solvents, soaps, work conditions, and other activities.  Your Results: - Your dry skin becomes soft, cracks close, rough skin is smoothed. - Your skin's own natural moisturizing factors are no longer attacked by outside elements. - Your skin's protection continues with repeated application despite exposure to the original cause of the condition. - You go about your work and leisure without the itching pain and discomfort of dry, cracked, rough or chafed skin. You and your skin will feel soothed, smooth, alive, nourished, and relaxed. Functional Active ingredients: - Plantago major - Calendula officinalis flower - Quercus alba - Achillea millefolium - Coconut oil - Shea butter - Aloe juice - Grapeseed oil - Evening Primrose oil - Glycerin - Vitamin C -      Vitamin E . -  Also contains : Water, Xanthan gum, Emulsifying wax, Stearic acid, and Biovert.