Dr. Joseph D. Denis - BS; OMD; Dipl. acu (NCCAOM); ND.
DETOXAMIN " ORAL " DETOXAMIN Oral is the very best oral chelation product available on the market today combining food-based cardiovascular oriented health ingredients with the benefits of EDTA, which removes harmful heavy metals. The product is an adjunct to the popular Detoxamin Suppository. Users of both Detoxamin Suppositories and Detoxamin Oral together, experience the most effective form of chelation therapy available on the market today. We have taken all that we have learned about ingredients with known benefits to cardiovascular health and we have put them into Detoxamin Oral. " Says Rita Ellithorpe, MD. " With the best possible combination of cardiovascular health ingredients, Detoxamin Oral gives users a way to simultaneously fight harmful heavy metals as they enter the body from foods while fortifying the body with the best food based ingredients for cardiovascular health along with EDTA. " and we believe that you will be very impressed with it.   Detoxamin Oral is designed to provide additional nutritional support for your chosen therapy for the following: - Circulatory impairment - Blood Clots - Blockages - Varicose Veins - Weak Capillaries - Easy Bruising - Inflammation - Arteriosclerosis .  Ingredients: EDTA - Nattokinase - Iodine - Trypsin - L- Proline - L- Lysine - Vitamin C - Grape Seed Extract and Marine Pine Bark Extract - Citrus Bioflavinoids, Rutin, and Quercetin.