Dr. Joseph D. Denis - BS; OMD; Dipl. acu (NCCAOM); ND.
REHMANNIA SIX FORMULA : Rehmannia six Formula
(Liu Wei Di Huang Wan) is the famous, classical Chinese herbal formula used to treat kidney and liver, this formula helps to support the root yin of the whole body. Originally from a pediatric text, Rhemannia six Formula was developed to treat children with slow development or failure to thrive. Essence-building herbs, rehmannia( shu di huang) and corni (shan Zhu yu), are combined with alismatis(ze xie) and moutan (mu dan pi) to drain fire, poria ( fu ling) to drain dampness , and dioscorea (shan yao) to strengthen the spleen. Thus, it is a well balanced formula, appropriate for long term use to build yin and drain deficiency fire. Ingredients : Rehmanniae Radix Preparata ( Cured rehmannia Root/ Shu Di Huang) 32% - Corni Fructus ( Asiatic Dogwood Fruit, Cornelian Cherry/ Shan Zhu Yu) 16% - Dioscoreae Rhizoma ( Chinese Yam/ Shan Yao) 16% - Cortex  Moutan Radicis ( Tree Peony Root/ Mu Dan Pi ) 12% - Poria ( Poria, Hoelen, Tuckahoe/ Fu Ling) 12% - Alismatis Rhizoma ( Asian Water Plantain/ Ze Xie) 12% . Chinese Medical Actions: Supplements yin, nourishes kidneys and liver, builds and stabilizes essence.     Contraindications: Rehmannia six Formula should be used with caution in cases where the patient has weak digestion, loose stools due to spleen deficiency, or a white, greasy tonguecoating.