Dr. Joseph D. Denis - BS; OMD; Dipl. acu (NCCAOM); ND.
ARTHROPLEX " Glucosamine Sulfate Plus " FORMULA FUNCTIONS : Symtoms of arthritis,tissues breakdown, joint pain, and cartilage degeneration. 90 TABLETS
Price: $42.99
Authentic Muggenberg St. John's Wort Extract Plus other Nutrients : Indications: Mild and moderate Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) , depression associated with menopause, anxiety, nervous tension, back pain, shingles, headaches, rheumatic pain, ulcers, cuts, bruises, burns, fights infection, is effective against influenza A, helps with bedwetting in children, and helps reduce blood pressure. 120 CAPSULES
Price: $54.99
American Ginseng boosts energy, enhances immunity, promotes blood circulation, and improves and maintains overrall health. Unlike Chinese and Siberian Ginsengs, American Ginseng offers cooling properties. Indications : Fatigue, low energy, stress, shortness of breath, lowered immunity, susceptibllity to common colds or flu, a sensation of oppression in the chest, chest pain, weakness or debility due to aging, illness, chemotherapy, radiation, or other stresses. 100 CAPSULES
Price: $42.99
Three Ginsengs pill : Energize Naturally, boosts energy, enhances immunity, promotes blood circulation, and improves and maintains overall health. Indications: Fatigue, low energy, stress, shortness of breath, lowered immunity, susceptibility to common colds or flu, a sensation of oppression in the chest, chest pain, weakness or debility due to aging, illness, chemotherapy, radiation, or other stresses. 60 TABLETS
Price: $42.99
Immune Booster " Zeng Mian Ling " Boosts both cellular and humoral immunity - Increases body's adaptation to various types of stresses - Enhances vitality . Traditional functions: Augments qi - Strengthens organ function - Stabilizes the exterior . Indications: Low immunity; immunodeficiency disorders; susceptibility to colds and flus. 60 CAPSULES
Price: $45.99
TRP - Three Imperial Mushrooms : Enhance immunity and inhibit tumor cells. 60 CAPSULES
Price: $45.99
AL- 113 ( Yi Min ) Allergy/Asthma/Cold & Flu Formula
Alergy/ Asthma / Cold & Flu Formula : Indications: Allergic reactions to external pathogens; congestion, sneezing, runny nose, itchy & watery eyes. 90 TABLETS
Price: $45.99
PR - 681 ( Tong Dao ): Prostate Formula
Prostate Formula: Indications: Hypertrophic Prostatitis ( Enlarged Prostate); chronic inflammation of the prostate gland. Comment: This combination has been used extensively in Japan for enlarged prostate conditions. Data from Japan has shown that this formula effectively addresses symptoms such as weak urination function and the frequent urge to urinate at night. PR - 681 has an anti-inflammatory action and promotes regional blood circulation. It is suitable for enlarged prostate and chronic inflammation of the prostate gland. 120 TABLETS
Price: $52.99
TR - 797 ( Qu Yu ) Trauma / Injury
TR -797 - Indications: Trauma Injuries: bruises, swelling and pain due to falls and impact injuries, fractures, contusions, sprains. Formula Functions: Promotes Blood Circulation - Reduces Inflammation - Relieves Pain . 60 TABLETS
Price: $42.99
HB - 345 (Jiang Ya) Hypertension / High Blood Pressure
HB - 345 : Indications: Hypertension / High Blood Pressure; hyperthyroidism ; cerebrovascular accident ; functional disturbance of the vegetative nerve ; epilepsy and vertigo. Formula Functions: Promotes Blood Circulation - Dialates Blood Vessels - Lowers High Blood Pressure - Relieves Muscle Spasm and Tranquilizes the Mind. Comment: The formula on which HB -345 is based has been used for several centuries to treat hypertension, hyperthyroidism and functional disturbances of the vegetative nerve by calming Liver Yang, promoting blood circulation, and nourishing the Liver and the Kidney systems. In addition to this formula's traditional functions, experimental data has shown that Siegesbeckia and Alisma can lower blood pressure. Please note that this formula has shown better results in treating Secondary Hypertension than Primary Hypertension. 120 TABLETS
Price: $45.99
RE - 699 ( Zheng Jing ) Stress Relief / Anxiety
RE - 699 : Indications: Stress; restlessness, anxiety irritability,mood swings, insomnia, depression, palpitation, neurasthenia, neurosis and epilepsy . Formula Functions: Induces Calm - Relieves Emotional Instability - Pacifies the Mind. Comment: RE - 699 has been used for over 1,800 years to pacify the spirit and induce calm. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that bad moods and restlessness are due to Liver Qi stagnation. RE - 699 has the effects of soothing the Liver, subduing tension and pacifying the spirit. Bupleurum contains saponins which have a tranquilizing effect; Hoelen also has a calming and tranquilizing effect. Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell have traditionally been used as tranquilizers in Chinese medicine and Ginseng is used in this formula to improve the adaptability of nervous responses. 90 TABLETS
Price: $45.99
ME - 523 (Fu Kang) Pre/ Post Menopause
ME - 523 : Indications: Menopausal disturbances; hot flashes, restlessness, dizziness, perspiration, fatigue, etc. Formula Functions: Strengthens the Body - Reduces Hot Flashes and other Menopausal Disturbances.Comment: The formula on which ME - 523 is based has been used extensively in Japan since the late 1800's for treating menopausal syndrome. This modified formula is especially suited for menopausal women with hot flashes, restlessness, fatigue and dizziness. 90 TABLETS
Price: $45.99
Apricot Seed & Linum Formula (Ma Zi Ren Wan): / CONSTIPATION
Apricot Seed & Linum Formula : Indications: Habitual constipation and hemorrhoids in convalescent elderly patients or those with a delicate constitution. 100 GRAMS/ BT ( GRANULES)
Price: $32.99
Gastrodia & Uncaria (Gambir) Comb. (Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin): HYPERTENSION/ HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE
Gastrodia & Uncaria (Gambir) Comb. Indications: Hypertension, functional disturbance of vegetative nerve, stroke, hyperthyroidism, vertigo, and other wind-syndromes caused by hyperactivity of the liver yang with the symptoms of headache, vertigo, tinnitus and dim eyesight, involuntary movement of the limbs, insomnia,or even hemiplegia, red tongue, taut and rapid pulse. Comments: Modern research has concluded that this formula has the effects of tranquilizing the mind, relieving spasm, resisting epilepsy, dilating blood vessels,and lowering high blood pressure. It also has fever-allaying, antibacterial, and antiinflammatory effects. 100 GRAMS/ BT (GRANULES)
Price: $64.99
Trichosanthes & Astragalus Formula / For Diabetes
Trichosanthes & Astragalus Formula is a very good formula for Diabetic patients.It can tonify the kidney Yin and generates body fluids, relieves thirst due to the deficient heat. Diabetes is called Xiao Ke (Consuming and thirsty) in Chinese Medicine. According to its symptoms of thirst, hunger, and frequent urination, it is called Shang Xiao ( Upper Consuming) Zhong Xiao (Middle Consuming) and Xia Xiao(Lower Consuming) respectively. This formula is suitable for all the three types above. Symptoms are the following; thirst, easily hungry, frequent drinking and urination, spontaneous or night sweating, dizziness, tinnitus, and etc. 100 GRAMS/BT (GRANULES)
Price: $55.99
Shilianhua (SEKIRENKA) is very effective in reducing blood sugar for diabetes, especially for non-insulin dependent diabetes,without causing any undesirable side effect. The herbal and nutritional supplement used to make up the Shilianhua tablets enhance its performance. The main medication of the Shilianhua rejuvenate cells of the human body and improve the functioning of the pancreas that controls blood sugar. 100 TABLETS
Price: $42.99
DI - 221 (Li Shui) Diuretic
DI - 221 : Indications: Edema, difficult urination and retention of urine, acute gastroenteritis, mild cardiac edema. This formula is a classic combination for promoting water metabolism. Alisma, Hoelen, Polyporus and Plantago promote diuresis and remove water from the body. Research data from China and Japan show this formula to be effective in promoting blood circulation , inducing diuresis and reducing edema. 60 TABLETS
Price: $32.99
HA - 341 (Juan Tong) Headache - Migraine, Tension
HA - 341: Indications: Headaches; tension headache, vascular headache, migraine headache and trigeminal neuralgia. The traditional formula from which HA - 341 is derived has been used to treat headaches for more than 300 years. The primary ingredient, Cnidium, is a classic herb for regulating blood circulation and relieving pain. Another principle herb, Corydalis, is a strong analgesic. Asarum, Angelica, Siler and Chiang- Huo also have potent analgesic actions and are traditionally used to relieve headaches. 60 TABLETS
Price: $32.99
HE - 349 (Yu Zhi) Hemorrhoids / Constipation
Indications: Hemorrhoids, dry stools, constipation, prolapsed rectum, vaginal itching . HE- 349 is an adaptation of a formula which has been quite effective and popular in Japan. It has been used for hundreds of years to treat hemorrhoids, constipation and related health issues. Bupleurum and Cimicifuga reduce inflammation and regulate the function of the large intestine; Rhubarb and Scute promote bowel movements, clear pathogenic heat and remove food toxins.The Tang- Kuei in this formula promotes blood circulation and moistens the large intestine. HE - 349 is most suitable for hemorrhoids with dry stool or constipation. 90 TABLETS
Price: $42.99
LD - 477 (Qing Gan) Liver Detoxification
Indications: Liver detoxification: endogenous toxins, lymphadenitis, chronic tonsillitis, skin diseases, viral infections. LD - 477 is a traditional formula for clearing heat and toxins from the liver and gallbladder system. It also assists the liver's detoxification mechanisms. The herbs in this formula have been used for centuries to detoxify endogenous toxins, promote blood circulation, induce urination, and speed up the excretion of internal toxins. 90 TABLETS
Price: $42.99
MA - 511 (Wen Yang) Mens Formula
Indications: Decreased sexual vitality; impotence; general weakness or fatigue; lower back pain. MA - 511 is a potent tonic traditionally used to treat fatigue, weakness, impotence, lower sexual drive, etc. One of the ingredients, Deer Antler Gelatin, is a traditional ingredient for mens virility, and includes several amino acids that have a positive effect on energy metabolism ( according to the Oriental Materia Medica, Antler Gelatin is much more potent than Deer Antler alone) Epimedium improves the function of sexual glands and accelerates secretion of sperm . Ginseng accelerates RNA and protein synthesis, as well as increases sexual drive. Astragalus, Rehmannia and Ginseng strengthen the body and enhance vitality. 90 TABLETS
Price: $42.99
BO - 163 ( Jian Gu) Bone Repair
Indications: Bone fracture; osteoporosis; degeneration of bone; general weakness; low back pain. Traditional Chinese Medicine maintains that the health of the bones is determined by the Kidney network; therefore deficiency in bone tissue health is representative of a " Kidney deficiency." Kidney tonics strengthen the bone tissues and promote bone repair. As a strong Kidney tonic, BO - 163 is commomly used to treat Kidney deficiency. Eucommia, Dipsasus and Morinda are all Kidney tonics and strengthen the bones and sinews. Salvia promotes blood circulation and alleviates pain; it has also been shown in clinical trials to speed up bone healing by increasing adherence of reparative nutrients to the bone. 90 TABLETS
Price: $42.99
PA - 621 ( Shu Jin 1 ) Pain Relief - Shoulders, Neck, Upper Body.
Indications: Pain and stiffness in the neck and / or shoulders; upper-body muscle spasms associated with the common cold. PA - 621 is a traditional formula for treating pain and stiffness in the upper back and neck due to cold attack or inflammation. The chief ingredient, Pueraria, is one of the most popular Chinese herbs for relieving muscle spasms and pain; Peony and Licorice are effective in relieving spasms, while Cnidium and Chiang - Huo promote circulation and relax muscles in the upper back, shoulders and neck. 90 TABLETS
Price: $39.99
PA - 623 ( Shu Jin 2 ) Pain Relief - Low Back & Lower Body.
Indications: Joint and muscle pain of the lower back and body; knee and leg pain, sciatica, gout. PA - 623 has been used for over 400 years to activate blood circulation, reduce swelling and inflammation, and alleviate muscle and joint pain caused by blood stagnation. 90 TABLETS
Price: $49.99
CR - 201 ( Jiang Zhi ) Cholesterol Reduction
Indications: High blood cholesterol and / or high triglyceride levels. CR - 201 is a new formula specifically designed to address the problem of high blood cholesterol and/ or triglycerides. Ho Shou Wu lowers cholesterol levels. Cassia Seed, Hu - Zhang and Rhubarb inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines; Rhubarb also promotes bowel movements, clearing away food toxins. Alisma and Crataegus lower cholesterol and triglycerides. Alisma also promotes water metabolism, clearing toxins from the body. CR - 201 is an extremely effective formula, and should be considered for any patient with a cholesterol reading of 200 or above. 120 TABLETS
Price: $52.99
Hoelen & Areca Combination (Wu Pi Yin)
Uses: Overall edema, heaviness, sensation of the body, distension in the chest and abdomen, rapid breathing, dysuria. Ingredients: Aqueous extracts of: Areca peel ( Arecae Catechu pericarpium), Hoelen peel ( Cortex poria cocos). White mulberry bark ( sang-bai-pi), Citrus peel ( Pericarpium citri reticulatae), Ginger peel (bark). 100 CAPSULES; 500 MG EACH
Price: $34.99
Healthy FatBurners
A Healthy Way to Burn Fat and maintain health - NO MA HUANG ( Ephedra). This formula combines many of the most effective and safe lipotropic and thermogenic ingredients available today in modern nutritional research and Chinese herbology for weight control. It is designed to decrease the fat absorption from food and increase the fat metabolic rate within the body and to maintain or increase the muscle mass so it can further promote fat-burning and body strength. It also helps reduce the absorption of lipid level from food intake and within the body, thus helping support healthy heart and circulation function. It also contains ingredients which will prevent excess calories from food transfering into fat storage. It is safe, natural and health-promoting! That is why it is called Healthy FatBurners. It is not like many weight-loss products on the market which can reduce energy level, or cause loss of muscle mass together with fat loss or dehydration caused by laxative teas. Some products can also cause malnutrition if taken over a long period of time. Many diet plans will temporarily work but will slow down the body fat-burning metabolism and are doomed to fail in the long run. Supplement Facts Serving Size of 4 capsules Supply: Chitosan (USA, 92% Deacylation) 300mg - Acetyl-L-Carnitine 120mg - Calcium Pyruvate 90mg - Inositol 60mg - L-Methionine 30mg - L-Tyrosine 60mg - Vitamin C 30mg - (Calcium) Pantothenate 15mg - Vitamin B6(Pyridoxine HCL 7.5mg - Chromium (Polynicotinate) 64mcg - Other Concentrated Ingredients: Spirulina, American Ginseng, extracts of Garcinia Cambogia, Citrus Aurantium, Green Tea, Atractylodes, Kelp, Astragalus, Cinnamon, Rhubarb & Siler. No Sugar, No Artificial Color or Flavoring. 240 caps per bottle, one month supply
Price: $59.99
Bupleurum & Schizonepeta Formula
Uses: Skin diseases, especially urticaria, eczema, athletes's foot, furuncles. Ingredients: Bupleurum Radix 2.0g 11.76% - Prunus Cortex 2.0g 11.76% - Platycodon Radix 2.0g 11.76% - Zingiber Rhizoma 2.0g 11.76% - Ligusticum Wallichii Rhizoma 2.0g 11.76% - Hoelen 2.0g 11.76% - Angelica Laxiflora Radix 1.5g 8.82% - Ledebouriella Radix 1.5g 8.82% - Glycyrrhiza Radix 1.0g 5.88% - Schizonepeta Herba 1.0g 5.88%. Suggested use: 3 Grams 3 x a day in hot water 100 GRAMS GRANULES / 1g MEASURING SPOON
Price: $45.99
Cimicifuga Combination
Uses: Hemorrhoidal pain and bleeding, constipation, rectal prolapse, improving liver function. Ingredients: Rheum Rhizoma 1.0g 5.56% - Bupleurum Radix 5.0g 27.78% - Cimicifuga Rhizoma 2.0g 11.11% - Glycyrrhiza Radix 2.0g 11.11% - Scutellaria Radix 3.0g 16.67% - Angelica Sinenses Radix 5.0g 27.78%. Suggested use: 3 Grams 3 x a day in hot water. 100 GRAMS GRANULES / 1g MEASURING SPOON
Price: $45.99
Gentiana Combination
Uses: Cystitis, urethritis, leukorrhea, endometritis, genital pruritus, gonorrhea, fever, inflammation, dysuria, acute icteric hepatitis, acute cholecystitis, herpes, acute pyelitis, acute prostatitis. Ingredients: Gentiana Scabra Radix 3.5g 15.56% - Scutellaria Radix 1.7g 7.56% - Gardenia Fructus 1.7g 7.56% - Alisma Rhizoma 3.5g 15.56% -Hocquartia Caulis 1.7g 7.56% - Plantago Semen 1.7g 7.56% - Angelica Sinenses Radix 1.7g 7.56% - Rehmannia Radix 1.8g 8% - Bupleurum Radix 3.5g 15.56% - Glycyrrhiza Radix 1.7g 7.56%. Suggested use: 3 grams 3x a daily in hot water. 100 GRAMS GRANULES / W 1g SPOON
Price: $52.99
Pinellia Clear Qi Combination
Uses: This is a formula to clear heat, transform phlegm, direct rebellious Qi downward and stop cough. It is often applied to both acute and chronical bronchitis. Indications are cough with yellow, viscous sputum that is difficult to expectorate, focal distention and a feeling of fullness in the chest and diaphragm, nausea, red tonguewith greasy, yellow coating, and slippery and rapid pulse. Ingredients: Pinellia Tuber 3.0g 14.28% - Arisaema Rhizoma, (Bile Prepared) 3.0g 14.28% - Citrus Gradis Exocarpium 2.5g 11.90% - Armeniaca Semen, Apricot Seed 2.5g 11.90% - Scutellaria Radix 2.5g 11.90% - Citrus Auruntium Fructus 2.5g 11.90% - Trichosanthes Semen 2.5g 11.90% - Poria Cocos 2.5g 11.90% . Suggested use: 3 grams 3 x daily in hot water 100 GRAMS GRANULES W / 1g SPOON
Price: $49.99